Welcome to the Web Safety in Youth Work resource. This resource from NYCI’s Child Protection Programme has been created to support those who work with young people in small and large youth work organisations who often share similar concerns, risks and challenges in ensuring all young people, staff, volunteers and the organisation are safe online. However, each organisation should consider how the issues raised in this resource should be adapted to their own local context and what will work most effectively for them. 

The information in this resource is designed to highlight the key issues to be considered when working online with young people and to sign post to other resources that can support youth work organisations to work safe online with young people.

Check out the following breakdown of what we you can find in this website.

SUPPORTING ONLINE YOUTH WORK - Find some of the technical supports that are useful to have in place to create safer online youth work.

CYBERBULLYING - Find definitions, descriptions of Cyberbullying and some practical ways to respond to this issue.

GOOD PRACTICE ADVICE - Find advice and useful ways to promote good practice for young people and those who work with them.

HOW TO REPORT CONCERNS - Find information that can help to report online concerns including internal and external systems and supports.

RESOURCES - Find links to other online resources. .

We hope that this resource will benefit young people and those who play important roles in their lives.